Payment faq

⇒ It’s manual or Auto process?
Answer: Payment with paypal is manual process.  We can not setup paypal as auto payment gateway for paypal restriction. After receive your payment and email, Our agent send your template to your email address and also add your template in your account dashboard manually

⇒ Download after payment?
Answer: We deliver template within few minutes to one hour. But its manual process. Sometimes Due to absent of our agent you have to wait some extra hours. But we ensure you that you must receive your template.

⇒ What to do after sending the payment?
Answer: Submit contact form with Your details including Your email address, Your template name, Your account email and Payment Id. 

⇒ How much to pay?
Answer: Pay the right price according to the price of the Template. 

⇒ I need to create account?
Answer: This is optional. But we recommended to create a free account. If you create account we will also add your template in your account. you can download your template from your account dashboard at any time.

⇒ How download my template from account dashboard?
Answer: Go to my download and login with your email and password. Then download your template. your paid template store here permanently. you can  download your template at any time.